Losers show
 by Laura Quattrocchi

Opening Saturday February 13th 6pm to 10pm

Loser Show - with live performance
Saturday Feb 20th 7pm to 9pm
Saturday Feb 27th 7pm to 9pm
Friday March 4th 7pm to 9pm - JC Fridays
Sunday March 13th 7pm to 10pm- Closing

In her upcoming exhibition Losers, artist Laura Quattrocchi will exhibit new installation artworks assembled from thousands of discarded scratch lottery tickets, commonly called “losers”.   The exhibit includes 30’x4’ outdoor mural which spells the word “Losers” with thousands of losing tickets.  The artist buys lotto tickets whatever she travels but instead of scratching them she use them to make her art.  A graphic tour de force, the exhibit addresses gambling, predation, loss and hope, while exposing the unbridled success and ingenious graphic variety of scratch lotto.  Artists Sam Pullin and Milosz Koziej have collaborated with Quattrocchi in creating the indoor installation.     

The opening and Saturday events will multideminional involving live performance by Shua Group, wine winning game of darts, suspended potato chips.